OH BOY. This website is finally getting some attention! It’s been a while.

I’ve been super busy which is amazing. I just got MARRIED to a lovely human and now I’m on a month long West Coast tour which is a super fun honey moon for one!

I’ve already conquered Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna and now I’m currently in Vancouver before I blast off to Victoria.

If you’re in Vancouver here’s where you can see me this weekend!

Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver
2837 Cambie Street
Friday April 22 8PM
Saturday April 23 7PM & 9:30PM

Jeff Elliott is headlining and Damonde Tschritter is hosting. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT.

If you’re in Victoria you can see me next weekend at Heckler’s!

Heckler’s Comedy Club
123 Gorge Rd Easy
Friday April 29  9PM
Saturday April 30 9PM

Later on this summer I’ll be co-featuring the Hamilton Yuk Yuks  May 2o/21.

Annnd I’ll be HEADLINING a full week of shows and recording my very first ALBUM at the downtown Toronto Yuk Yuks June 8-12!

Remember to follow me on on Twitter @juliacomedy for super fun updates and to follow my blog eatingwithjulia.wordpress.com for all my culinary escapades.

See you at a show!




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