Hello friends!

Let me just start by saying that Just for Laughs in Montreal was a beautiful and magical experience. It was my 3rd time there, 2nd time performing and first time doing an All Access TV taping. I feel like I finally figured out how to “do” this festival. 1) don’t start drinking too early. 2) don’t set your plans in stone because things change. 3) have fun and relax because you deserve to be there!

I can’t wait until my taping airs on Comedy Network next year. I’m very proud of my set and I look super cute in my Birds of North America forest dress ;)

Now that Just For Laughs is over I can focus on the next big thing. SiriusXM’s Top Comic. If you didn’t already know, I’m a semi-finalist in the competition. 100′s of comedians submitted, dozens were chosen to audition and only the top 3 of the night moved on. I was top 3 on my night! So now I need your votes (YES, YOU!) to help me move onto the finals. You can vote once a day per IP address. Meaning if you vote for me at work, vote for me at home! If (and when) I get to the finals I compete against the top 8 to win TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, a spot next year at JFL and my own show at JFL42. This is huge and would be a game changer before I move to LA in the fall. MAMMA NEEDS THIS. Voting ends August 22, so vote errryyy dayyy until then :)

A woman has never won Top Comic. I came close in 2011, but I suppose it wasn’t the right time. Now is my time. Please vote for me! I will be forever grateful.

Thank you!


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